Crytek offers a closer look at Hunt: Showdown in its closed alpha tutorial video

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Crytek has released a punchily informative new tutorial video, detailing the basic flow of its promising multiplayer swamp horror Hunt: Showdown.

It's intended as an introduction to the game for those participating in the closed alpha, and while it covers much of the same ground as the ten minute gameplay video released at E3 last year, it throws in a few more specific details on how a hunt will unfold.

It's well worth watching if you've been curious for a slightly more detailed breakdown of the game's mechanics, but the rough version goes something like this: as a match begins, you and a co-op partner are dropped onto the game's atmospheric swamp map, ready to locate the chosen demonic target for the round. As we've been told before, numerous other teams are deposited on the map at the same time, all searching for the same elusive beast.

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