Crytek: Xbox One X Raw Power A Delightful Surprise, Explains Importance of Backwards Compatibility

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Xbox One X

Much because the console’s CPU has been a talking point for being underwhelming, Microsoft’s Xbox One X continues to be extremely powerful. A couple of visually impressive games like Forza Motorsport 7 have had no trouble running at native 4K resolution and 60 frames per second. Optimization can also be a key component in all this though. After all, what’s the purpose of a lot raw power if developers can’t utilize it properly?

GamingBolt spoke to Crytek’s CryEngine product manager Collin Bishop and asked what he found surprising or shocking about working with the console. Bishop responded that, “One thing that was a delightful surprise with the Xbox One X on initial usage was the quantity of raw power it had underneath. We needed to adjust some texture compression settings, but overall the optimization was minimal on 4K once we were up and running.

“Another thing that aligned closer with our core is the HDR support. With this you possibly can really push the style and look of your scenes without having to redo all the assets or compromise too heavily on framerate. As you'll be able to imagine we were glad to see this delta shortening, pushing us towards consoles reflecting the identical development experience over time.”

Will Microsoft’s insistence that each one titles profiting from the Xbox One X need to be fully compatible with the bottom Xbox One prove detrimental in the long term? Bishop feels that preserving legacy support is necessary, to the purpose that the backlash for not doing so would outweigh the Xbox One X reaching its full potential.

“That is an interesting query considering the background of CRYENGINE and the way we've to approach tackling legacy systems and deprecation of tools. Every gamer has this connection to nostalgia and their favorite titles. You may also lose titles too quickly, which can inhibit the expansion of franchises, and that is where I see the older titles sitting within the competitive gaming landscape.

“If developers weren't maintaining these older systems and having a type of compromise towards the legacy content, the backlash you would receive would outweigh any of the performance gains,” said Bishop.

As time goes on, we’ll probably see another new generation of consoles emerge that may truly provide a leap forward. And who knows, perhaps they’ll be playable on more powerful hardware just like the Xbox One X. What are your thoughts on the matter? Tell us below.