InterPlanetery Broadcast Coin (IPBC) With a Web Media Miner

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InterPlanetery Broadcast Coin (IPBC) is a new project for sharing digital content online with with an integrated cryptocurrency ecosystem. Think along the lines of YouTube, but with none advertisements, as an alternative users uploading videos on the platform get compensated by the people watching them. IPBC comes with a web media miner that essentially uses a few of your computer’s resources to mine when you watch the video and all the used hashpower gets credited to the person who has uploaded the video. There isn't a need for visitors to download and use a dedicated miner, everything happens directly inside the browser and the mining doesn't interfere with the video watching.

The most effective thing is that regardless that IPBC continues to be a new project the video platform with mining integration is already available, so it isn't just something promised to return out after months as it's already on the market. You'll be able to in fact also mine IPBC coins the normal way, the project uses Cryptonote/Cryptonight (identical to Monero) and there are already quite a number of pools on the market (apart from the official ones) that give you to mine it. In fact in case you are a video content producer you might need to also try the IPBC platform and upload some videos and check out that as well. There's also a web-based miner available for users built inside the platform, though you probably would need to stick to GPU mining with dedicated mining rigs than to make use of the web-based CPU miner yourself.

The project looks promising and is already doing quite well although it's just some days because the official announcement, the team has already announced their plans to have the coin listed on an exchange (listing on Livecoin has been announced for February 21st) in addition to other interesting plans for improvements and new features… keep in mind that it has just launched and the IPBC platform continues to be in beta.

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