Streamity is Set to Launch the Most Powerful P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform


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A new P2P cryptocurrency exchange service Streamity is about to launch probably the most powerful P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform within the Market. This service is predicated on the smart contract for secure exchange.

The platform is preparing for its ICO before it starts transforming the cryptocurrency exchange scene with a list and really dynamic and efficient cryptocurrency exchange and investment services run by industry class Algorithm.

A New Exchange Service Tailored to Handle the Dynamism of the Ever-Rising Cryptocurrency Market

Cryptocurrency is evolving to be the most effective type of money for the 21st Century civilization, fully wealthy with abilities to hold out transactions securely and anonymously from any a part of the world, making it the way forward for money. Since 2009, different types of cryptocurrencies have emerged into the market. Some being very useful to the overall users, while others have a definite specific purpose. Those with the overall usage have surged in prices to unprecedented levels and have been adopted on a bigger scale. But nevertheless, every cryptocurrency is beneficial locally who has a consensus on it.

The necessity for a solution to best harmonize the differences between the thousands of cryptocurrencies have never been answered at the least to not a half of what the market demands. A series of cryptocurrency exchange platforms already exists with others attempting to include quite a lot of cryptocurrencies under one platform as well. But lots of flaws and unnecessary malfunctions and user dissatisfaction are being reported by users of those exchange services. Anomalies starting from server blackouts for very long hours, causing users to lose millions of dollars to a full takeover of customer deposits by malicious hackers have recently hit a series of existing cryptocurrency exchange service providers.

Streamity is a well-thought project with a few of the most prominent brains on the international cryptocurrency scene carefully knitting its algorithm one patch at a time. Streamity aims to rework the cryptocurrency exchange ecosystem and redefined the already lost glory of lightning speed transaction on the lowest cost cryptocurrency once had. Streamity on the same time will take cryptocurrency investment to the subsequent level by implementing a community choice token, the Streamity Tokens (STM) which may even be used for all transactions inside the Streamity network. The STM tokens will probably be available for exchange to any of the most important cryptocurrency. The platform will add the main Fiat Currencies traded worldwide.

Encapsulation, Speed, and Low-Cost Minded Design

One of the crucial essential selling points of the Streamity project is the development of cryptocurrency transaction propagation speed. The project has devoted a substantial amount of resources to develop and test its solution to this problem. The Streamity team knows what cryptocurrency users want when it comes to transaction speed and has gauged the market capacity to be below consumers demand. The project has designed a record-breaking smart contracts applet – the Streamdesk aggregator – that may ensure cryptocurrency exchange to Fiat without involving intermediaries. This manner transaction may be trajected without incurring any unnecessary delays and costs at any third-party intermediary like other exchanges do, this has enabled Streamity achieved lightening speed transactions.

Streamity will cover all the cryptocurrencies listed out there and live feeds of market data for all the listed cryptos and companies might be transmitted in real time. Converting any of the cryptocurrencies listed on the platform to a different would be carried out instantly, efficiently and securely on the Streamity platform.

Streamity was built to resurrect the low fee transactions capabilities cryptocurrencies were once known for. Working example on Localbitcoin transactions which currently can't be confirmed even for transactions amounts as high as $33 making cryptocurrency lose its meaning of enabling the propagation of low to zero fees on small transactions.

Streamity Smart Contracts Secured Transactions Beat all Hacking Attempts

Streamity has designed hack-proof, smart contracts secured transaction lane where all the transaction streamings through the platform will flow. This has been made possible firstly by incorporating the Ethereum introduced smart contract service into the transaction processing algorithm. Since smart contracts alone don't ensure complete transaction security of the transaction stream fluxing through the system, as seen from recent mistakes that saw about $300 million locked away in Ethereum smart contracts by an anonymous user unknowingly.

The Streamity developers have added yet another brilliant security feature – the timing Control.  The timing control algorithm shall allow the transaction to be added on to a smart contract within a specified time period else canceled and reverted to the initial user. Coupled with a user verification system Streamity can achieve the subsequent generation of transaction security on its upcoming platform.